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All joking aside, this right here is a treasure trove of free resources (the member's vault), low cost home study courses a go-go, bundles of courses to save you big time and, of course, The Resilience Academy from Searching for Serenity, the only monthly membership subscription focused on beating your burnout, building your resilience, ending imposter syndrome and helping you to THRIVE at work.

If you only do one thing today, check out The Resilience Academy.  Where else can you access over one hundred hours of training videos for less than the cost of daily coffee (a filter coffee at that, not one of those fancy mochachochalinos!)

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Searching for Serenity Free Resources Vault

Well it kind of does what it says on the tin... this way for Burnout First Aid, free worksheets, video resources, all free for you.

The Resilience Academy from Searching for Serenity

How would you love resilience training, stress management, weekly training and monthly 1:1 support for half the price of your daily cup of coffee? Click this way

Work with Leah 1:1

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your work, your home life and well, yourself?

Over the course of around 12 weeks we will go deep in to why you're struggling right now, what's happening to hold you back and take massive action to change your life from meh to amazing.


Let's Talk: Discounted 1:1 call August 2020

Over the next 3-4 weeks I'm opening up lots of heavily discounted 1:1 time, because this whole stressed out, exhausted thing you've got going on, isn't helping you.

Let's Talk, and I'll do my best to help

Your Best Week

Take it from a former lawyer; time management almost always equals stress management. 

I created a course that helps you smash your to do list, regain your energy and start feeling human again. All in five minutes a day.

Yes, I am in fact a witch.


What-How-Why Journalling Bootcamp

Want to know how a simple pen and paper plus ten minutes a day can increase your happiness, productivity, output, ability to relate to others and more?  Click this way

The Happiness Habit Bootcamp

Want to be more resilient? Start with being happy.  It goes a long way, believe me.

Be Heard, Be Seen, Be You

It time you stopped feeling talked over, unable to speak up or unable to communicate at your fullest capacity!

Burnout: the user’s guide PRESALE!

Pre-order now and be the first to read the chapters of this new book before anyone else!


The ‘tame your to do list’ resources bundle

Sick of being at the mercy of your ridiculous to do list? Get my 21 best time and to do list management tools here

Pen, Paper Perspective

This summer I came back to the foundational habit that helped me figure out who I was and what I wanted even in the depths of burnout.  This September, I'm sharing it with you.

The Resilience Masterclass

Resilience is the superpower that defeats burnout, exhaustion, imposter syndrome and overwhelm.

Most people think it's something you're born with - but it isn't.  It can be cultivated and you are already more resilient than you know.

In this masterclass you are going to tap into that resilience and receive follow up support to help you create and grow a resilient attitude to life and work!

Reconnect with your Career Masterclass

Your life is too short to spend wasting it in a job, a career, a life that you don’t love.

That's where this masterclass comes in!

Over the course of 60 minutes we are going to work through the steps I took when I was exhausted and overwhelmed as a lawyer, to reconnect with my career, with what was important and would motivate me.

Burnout Workshop

This is where you start.

The Confidence Cure

Burnout, exhaustion and overwork can all sap your confidence - it's time you got it back!

Planning for Success Masterclass

Get into Gratitude

Gratitude is scientifically proven to increase your happiness, resilience and self worth.  Want to know how to practice gratitude without feeling self-conscious and silly?  

Then this is for you...

The Friday 13th Stress Management Bundle

I didn't do a Black Friday deal in November, and now I guess I know why.  This is the true Black Friday the 13th kind of deal.

13 courses and products.
You pay 13%.

Welcome to the Friday the 13th sale.

Your Best Week Live 2020

An entire year of time and to do list management, for less than a decent meal out?  Yes please!

The Full Grit and Resilience Bundle 2020

Stress management for people pleasers

Everyone is stressed.
Except, there are plenty of people who are stressed momentarily.

And then there’s us. The people pleasers. And we seem to be stressed almost constantly.

Imposter Syndrome

The negative inner voice is at the heart of imposter syndrome, of never feeling good enough to do what you do and waiting for the day you get ‘caught out’ (even though you’re perfectly qualified and experienced to do what you do and you do it brilliantly!)

It's no way to live and you deserve better


Resilience is a skillset. It is an active practise.
Resilience is about preparation for difficult days.
Resilience is what allows you to get up the next day.

Resilience is a measure, wake up call, early warning system and an after the event repair kit.

Burnout Prevention Session - LIVE

This Thursday 23rd April I was due to travel to Hampshire to deliver Burnout Prevention session to an entire firm of solicitors, via a series of three workshops taking place throughout the day.

That obviously isn’t happening now.

But burnout isn’t going away.  So, whilst my corporate training sessions have been rescheduled to the end of this year, does that mean we stop talking about burnout? Of course not. I would argue that right now it’s needed more than ever. That’s why, this Thursday, in lieu of standing in a hall in Hampshire, I am going to be sitting at my desk, sharing this training with you directly.

Thought Alchemy

This thought process SUCKS.

Thinking you’re not good enough.
Thinking that things are your fault.
Thinking that if you just worked harder it would be ok.
Thinking that the more you do the more people will like you?

It’s no way to live. Trust me on this one, it was these kinds of thoughts that hurtled me headlong in to overwork, exhaustion, overwhelm and eventually a complete burnout.

Cultivating Connection

What if I told you that one of the biggest answers to burnout, to imposter syndrome, to stress management, to anxiety and to so many more of the things that we perfectionist over-workers struggle with…was something you already had?

It’s not a tool to learn so much as one to expand on using.  And you know what they say about a problem shared…

So why is it that, when faced with overwhelming struggle at work or chronic anxiety about our performance, we shut down, close ourselves off and stop confiding in our closest friends?

Worse still, why can those relationships become toxic wastegrounds of competition, or friends driven mad by our cynicism and struggle?

Being Kind to You: Why Perfectionism Leads to Burnout

Perfectionism isn’t simply about striving to do your best. It’s about beating yourself up for not being there yet, for all the things you haven’t yet done and for all the things that you couldn’t possibly yet know.

Is it any wonder that, in the process of chasing that endless goal, plenty of us burnout?

Feel Good About Work: how building your own rewards system builds resilience

If your career is reliant on other people’s praise of it, when will it be enough?

In all the work that I’ve done over the past four years, one key marker of resilience comes up time and again.

People struggling with perfectionism, imposter syndrome and people-pleasing are more likely to hurtle headlong into burnout as they work harder and harder to outrun the negative voices in their head and seek validation from other people.

By contrast, resilient people create their own metrics for success and look for ways to feel satisfied in their work without waiting for other people.

Practical tools for dealing with anxiety

Anxiety seems pretty par for the course for most professionals.

As a group, our very careers and livelihoods rest on fixing problems, looking for gaps and seeking the opportunity to have the biggest impact at the best time.

Consequently, most of us have learned to live on our nerves, using those spikes of adrenaline to inspire and motivate us, pushing beyond the boundaries of what others would think was normal, all for the better of our clients/patients/employers etc.

But what happens when those hits of adrenaline tip over in to near-endless shakes?

Creating the habit of self-support

It all starts with the habit of self-support.
With being able to step outside of yourself, your reactivity and fear and struggle, and being able to see the wood for the trees. For being able to come back to course rather than being swept by the buffeting winds of anyone who chooses to shout loudly enough.

With giving yourself what you need, instead of waiting for the crumbs that other people toss you.

So what do you say? You in?

Stress Rehabilitation

What if everything you knew about stress was wrong?

What if stress could actually be helpful, instead of a hindrance? What if you could stop stressing about stress?

Wouldn't that be refreshing?

Eliminating Exhaustion

When did exhaustion become a badge of honour?
When did becoming too tired to do anything but eat-sleep-work-repeat become the standard?

You deserve more.

Now available as a Pay What You Can Course!

Difficult Conversations and Colleagues

Dealing with difficult people and situations can be so draining, particularly for people who care, who feel deeply or who want to move forward quickly.

Well hey, I used to be a lawyer working in some of the most emotionally demanding areas of law going (and would always be given the 'difficult' clients to boot).  So let me show a thing or two and make it easier on yourself!

The Crash Course to Boosting your Confidence at Work

Imposter Syndrome, the low mood and brain fog caused by exhaustion and dealing with difficult people can all conspire to leave you feeling flat, struggling to really show your strengths or even feel that you are good enough at work.

When you feel confident at work, it suddenly becomes far easier.  So let's get you there quickly, shall we?

Now available as a Pay What You Can course!

Burnout and the impact of Covid-19

The majority of employees report feeling burned out some or all of the time... then a pandemic hits.

Not the plot of a new movie from the makers of Sharknado but real life.  So how do we cope when our backs are against the wall and we're dealing with a situation described by everyone as 'unprecedented'?

It's not easy, but you already knew that, right?

The Big Birthday Burnout Bundle!

Happy Birthday to me!  In celebration of another year around the sun (and what a year it's been, hey?) I've pulled together some of my favourite resources on burnout for you, put them in a big bundle, knocked 83% off the total price and voila!

The Big Birthday Burnout Bundle!

Strictly 36 copies available.
Just £36 to get over £210 of home study courses, workshops, resources and more.


Give up Stress for Lent

What if you could reduce your stress with simple, short daily actions and points for consideration?  That's exactly what we did here.

Advanced Burnout

Ok so you understand what burnout is - but here's the bigger question - why does it affect some people and not others?  Why is burnout such a risk for some and nothing to worry about for others.  

And more importantly, how do you reverse burnout once you know you're struggling?

This workshop takes you beyond Burnout Prevention to understand why you, why burnout and why it's small but deliberate steps that will make all the difference

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