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Searching for Serenity Free Resources Vault

Well it kind of does what it says on the tin... this way for Burnout First Aid, free worksheets, video resources, all free for you.

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The Resilience Academy from Searching for Serenity

How would you love resilience training, stress management and support for half the price of your daily cup of coffee? Click this way

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Your Best Week

Take it from a former lawyer; time management almost always equals stress management. 

I created a course that helps you smash your to do list, regain your energy and start feeling human again. All in five minutes a day.

Yes, I am in fact a witch.


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What-How-Why Journalling Bootcamp

Want to know how a simple pen and paper plus ten minutes a day can increase your happiness, productivity, output, ability to relate to others and more?  Click this way

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The Happiness Habit Bootcamp

Want to be more resilient? Start with being happy.  It goes a long fucking way, believe me.

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Be Heard, Be Seen, Be You

It time you stopped feeling talked over, unable to speak up or unable to communicate at your fullest capacity!

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Burnout Breakthrough

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your work, your home life and well, yourself?

Over the course of 12 weeks we will go deep in to why you're struggling right now, what's happening to hold you back and take massive action to change your life from meh to amazing.


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Burnout: the user’s guide PRESALE!

Pre-order now and be the first to read the chapters of this new book before anyone else!


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The ‘tame your to do list’ resources bundle

Sick of being at the mercy of your ridiculous to do list? Get my 21 best time and to do list management tools here

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Pen, Paper Perspective

This summer I came back to the foundational habit that helped me figure out who I was and what I wanted even in the depths of burnout.  This September, I'm sharing it with you.

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The Resilience Masterclass

Resilience is the superpower that defeats burnout, exhaustion, imposter syndrome and overwhelm.

Most people think it's something you're born with - but it isn't.  It can be cultivated and you are already more resilient than you know.

In this masterclass you are going to tap into that resilience and receive follow up support to help you create and grow a resilient attitude to life and work!

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Reconnect with your Career Masterclass

Your life is too short to spend wasting it in a job, a career, a life that you don’t love.

That's where this masterclass comes in!

Over the course of 60 minutes we are going to work through the steps I took when I was exhausted and overwhelmed as a lawyer, to reconnect with my career, with what was important and would motivate me.

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Burnout Workshop

This is where you start.

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The Confidence Cure

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