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Would you like help with burnout, stress, exhaustion, overwhelm, time management, resilience and more?

This is the place to dive in first, accessing ebooks and worksheets and guidance videos... and the best bit?  it's all free for you!

This is the place where I share everything for you to download, print out, cut out and keep.  Updated regularly and full of inspiration, guidance and the best tools going.

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Burnout First Aid Ebook

1 Lessons

Free resources - worksheets

2 Lessons

I can't lie, I'm not a huge fan of worksheets.  Usually they're all fluff and no stuff.

So, when I create a worksheet for you, know that I am doing it because this is So. Damn. Fundamental.

As in, you'd be crazy not to print these all out, binge on them at length and use them every day of your life.

Got it?


Go get 'em!

3 minute inspiration

6 Lessons

Click to access the full list of my 3 minute inspiration videos shared on facebook and linkedin.


All with subtitles, all 3 minutes (ish!) and under!

Free resources - video exercises

1 Lessons

Sometimes it's just easier for me to explain than to create a worksheet or write it out step by step.  Click this way to find out more

October competition

1 Lessons

Would you like to win a laser intensive 1:1 with me this month?  Ask me anything, pick my brain, have me help resolve an issue, or just kick back with a gin and tonic and chat!

Click this way to find out more.

Ok, it's also an ethical bribe from me, let's be honest.

Complete the quiz on this page letting me know your biggest needs right now and you'll be helping me create more helpful and useful content for you.

And I will pick one contributor at random at the end of the month

Free resources - how to understand yourself, and other people, more

2 Lessons

Podcasts, interviews and media

3 Lessons

Now look, I know, I'm such an attention whore, it's all me me me etc etc.

But I thought it would be really helpful to group together some of my media appearances, podcast interviews etc because they are an insight in to where I was, how the story has evolved, and might just throw a little more light on the story.

Because god knows, there is a LOT of story to tell!

Also, this is something I have to do anyway for the website and if helps you a little, goal achieved, right?

Click the links to see more media types and keep reading/listening/watching!

Free resource: How a cup of tea can tell you everything about your stress levels

1 Lessons

Burnout overview PDFs

1 Lessons

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