Be Heard, Be Seen, Be You


Okay, so I'm absolutely thrilled to be announcing that this new course, ‘Be Heard Be Seen Be You’ is the culmination of a number of different conversations with colleagues but also from the questions I’ve recently been receiving from private clients, members of The Resilience Academy and from my wider community.


Be Heard, Be Seen, Be You


This program is about standing out from the crowd.

This is for the person who feels that they're not heard at work.

For the person that feels that they're not understood.


Whether you work in an environment with lots of loud voices and a lot of noise, or whether you simply have found yourself recently losing your ability to command control of a situation, this program is about helping you to (re)gain it.


This programme consists of a series of live online trainings over the next four weeks.


Week 1: finding your voice.


Do you know how you communicate, where you struggle to be fully you at work? Do you know how important the language you use is? (And I’m not talking about swearing!)

What about being able to express yourself in a way that feels right for you.


Week 2: dealing with pushback, disagreement and conflict.


It will come as no surprise to anybody, that this is something that I've become a little bit of a master at recently, but of course, with my background as a litigation lawyer, dealing with difficult conversations, pushback and disagreement and conflict that was just par for the course.


But dealing with it on a personal level, how to deal with constructive criticism, and to know whether feedback is constructive or unhelpful.


We’ll be focusing on how to reduce your emotions in a difficult or heightened emotional situation, how to manage your own emotions, how to take away learning from every situation without laser focusing on anything that you perceive as negative, creating objectivity and focus by increasing your powers of observation and allowing you the opportunity to really learn from every situation around you.


Week 3: Strength From Within

This is about picking yourself up on the bad days.


This is about how to keep going when it's pretty fucking tough and how to still show up as the best version of you, as someone you can be proud of.


It's about how to bring yourself back to center when you're feeling unheard, misunderstood, stymied, unable to have your say.


It's about getting crystal clear on why you bother showing up every day.

Because you have a really important ‘why’; you know why you do this, you know that there is an impact that you have, but it’s easy to forget that when times are difficult.


Week 4: Communicating who you are.

This is all about making sure that what you feel on the inside is what you're communicating on the outside.

I recently had a conversation with a client where what she told me she wants to present to people was a complete fallacy. She was trying to present a front that didn’t reflect who she was as a person.

Not only does that leave us struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like who we are isn’t good enough, it means a breakdown in our communication. How often have you noticed someone’s words don’t match their body language or tone?


It's not about adopting a persona in order to get what you think you need at work.

It's about bringing together the ‘professional’ persona and the person to communicate from a place of absolute authenticity, that still feels that you can command respect


Bonus module: Presentation Skills 

This is probably one of the most fun modules I’ve ever worked through!

I'm going to be talking about how we can communicate in one to one and small group interactions, how we can literally present our ideas, and I'm going to be workshopping with you live on a video call talking about situations that you've had recently.

Whether it's struggling to pick up the telephone to make a call, because you're worried about getting it wrong.

Whether it's speaking in interviewers or a panel or group situation, whether it's responding to someone when the conversation is completely gone awry.

It's how to maintain your composure.

It's how to communicate effectively.

It's bringing all of it together.

I initially trained as a barrister before I qualified as a solicitor; barristers are on their feet, communicating at some of the highest levels going. In that position you're talking to people at some of the most painful moments of their lives and getting the absolute best out of them.

How can you do that when people are struggling to communicate? By improving your own communication skills, by managing your own internal chatter and focusing on them. By employing great communication and presentation skills (holding space, commanding authority, dropping the ooohs and aahhs and verbal tics)

And I'm going to be sharing everything that I learned over the course of that training, together with more than a decade of practical experience since then.

If I need to remind you, I've spoken on BBC Radio five live, voice of Russia radio, I've appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire TV show, I've also written blogs, worked with journalists, and there are upcoming pieces that will reach millions

Communication and presentation skills is something that I am a master at and I'm not going to apologize for that! But I am going to show you how!

Let me help you get those skills in place, so that you can be Heard, Be Seen and be fully you.


This is a month long training, immersion.

It's going to be a series of live workshops. But there will also be opportunities to get 1:1 support and ask me anything.


This is your opportunity to get hands on support and training from someone who has build two businesses from scratch, who has postgraduate degree level communication skills, trained as a barrister, worked for years as a solicitor, who is a blogger, a writer, a speaker, a trainer, and all of that, all of it, will be shaped and molded around you.


This will all be taking place online, you can join from the comfort of your own home, and you will have lifetime access to these trainings.


Now, for this level of training and support, this should be a high ticket price offering.

But it's not going to be because I want you to jump into all of this and get started straight away!


So, not only is this not high ticket, but I’m offering a 72 hour early bird offering, which makes it a total no brainier!


Join me before Sunday 19th May and save 50% - pay just £49!


72 hours only!!


From Sunday the price will revert to the full price of £99, which is still a complete no brainer for this level of support and training!


Throughout this course there will be opportunities for one to one support, there will be opportunities to get your individual questions answered. This is not pre-recorded content, I'm creating it live WITH you.


The course starts w/c 27th May, but join before then to take advantage of the early bird offer AND to join the pre-work and get started early!


I am SO excited to share this with you!

Who is this for?

This is for you if;

>you feel overlooked or underappreciated at work; or

> you struggle to communicate who you really are; or

> you adopt a persona at work; or

> you have begun to feel like interpersonal conflict at work, or strong personalities at work, or the pressures of high volume work have completely overwritten who you are; or

> you know that, in order to take the next step in your career, to be more effective at their job that you need to communicate better; or

> you lack confidence or find people talking over you;

> you struggle to have a full conversation when times are difficult, and it revolves into tears or a fight.


This is about helping you to understand who you are, how to communicate that, how to deal with negativity or feedback without it affecting your personality, how to present, how to stand up and be the best version of you.


Even if you know that have been an effective communicator, but are feeling a little lost and overwhelmed, we’re going to take you back to basics and give you extra tools besides!


And yes, we'll be talking about who you're communicating with and personal styles.  I'm going to be sharing with you how your personality affects the way that you communicate naturally and how you can adapt and adopt new styles without changing you up as a person.

Fundamentally, I believe that every single one of us has unlimited potential work. It's up to us how we apply it.

It's up to us to make the changes we need, and to learn the skills that we need in order to be our best selves and what but more than anything, it's about you bringing your full self to work without feeling that you are the last time. The more that we integrate the personal and the professional, the easier our lives become.

When we stop wearing masks, our authenticity shines through and creates connections and effective communication.


If you've watched any of my videos where I talk about something that isn't quite on the topic of stress and burnout, resilience, the skills of work, then you will know that when you bring your full self when you allow yourself to be seen.


If you have any questions then do reach out and remember, 48 hours to join this course at an early bird price that will never be seen again.


I am so excited to get started with you! 

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