Burnout Breakthrough Intensive August 2019


I have a little secret in my business

Without fail every year September  is one of my biggest months, and I think I know why.

You see, summer holidays have hit and, during August, everyone keeps going.  There's wonderful weather, BBQs and beers on the beach, sparkling gin and tonics on the terrace.  Total Instagram #soblessed

But underneath it all there are some simmering struggles that explode into full on stress in September.

The kids are on summer holiday so every parent reading this is trying to keep going at work AND be there for the kids AND juggle the two AND feel like they are failing at both.

For the non-parents, there's everyone else's holidays.  Sure, we get to go to the best places when the kids are in school and pay half a much, but summer leaves you picking up from everyone else's holidays and feeling like you can't say a word.  And you're seeing all those goddamn pictures and 'wish you were here' type images whilst you slowly sink south in a steaming pile of... to do's...

By the time it gets to September, everyone feels like it's back to work time and they start looking ahead to December and the new year and wonder how the hell they're going to get there.

But you and me well we're always ahead of the curve...and we've been feeling the heavy weight of responsibility for some time now.

So, you can wait until September when the cracks become the size of the San Andreas fault, or you can join me now, for the most hell yes no brainer I have ever offered you now - and sit in smug satisfaction in September when everyone else loses their head... and you're calmly in control.

This is a 1:1 like nothing I have ever offered before, and yes I've been totally inspired by my own mentor, I make no bones about it.

Join me for a burnout breakthrough intensive.

5 weeks, 1:1 you and me.

No deep time or financial investment

Group support and accountability.

Lifetime access to the content.

I'm going to help get completely clear on why you struggle, your key trigger points and together we will rewrite the stories that keep you stuck to create true resilience and inner support.

I'm taking all of the work I do over 12 weeks with my 1:1 clients and condensing it down for you.

But look, I know, it's August, hell I'm planning to take time off myself!  So how can we get that all in when you're already struggling?

Using the power of technology!

Something you may not know about me; I use more messaging apps, emails and social media than the next five people, but I use it slightly differently. 

Whilst other people are beholden to their message notifications and constantly reacting, I treat every single on of those apps like a post-it note on someone's screen.

I'll leave a voicenote for that client, and an email for this one, and I'll respond to messages in a big group.  Sometimes I'll get caught in a chat but it's on my terms and when I choose.  

If you take absolutely nothing else from this sales page, take that and go switch off all social media and email notifications immediately!

But the power of technology is something that I fully embrace in my business.  

So here's how it's going to look.

Starting in the final days before August I will welcome you in to a private facebook group when I will hold a weekly live video training of no more than an hour.  You will get to join me live or watch the catch up as you require, as well as interact with other members of the group and me, ask your questions.  That facebook group will be your home for the month of August.

But you also get unlimited 1:1 support from me throughout August.  We will have a weekly 20 minute laser mentoring session (you will be AMAZED at just how much we can get done in those sessions) together with unlimited facebook messenger access throughout.  Ask your questions, get feedback, pick my brain, keep me updated on your progress, tell me a fabulous new gin cocktail recipe - it's all there.

Now, you've already seen how I use social media, including facebook messenger, so you can feel absolutely free to contact me as much or as little as you like and need, knowing you will never overwhelm me, but also knowing that you won't get an instant-snap-your-fingers response.

I'm going to be there for you all month long, in your pocket, on your laptop.

And as for our weekly trainings?  Well they look a little something like this

Pre-work: starts w/c 29th July!

Week 1 - why do you struggle - getting clear on when, how, who and what makes you struggle

Week 2 - stories - we all have stories, explanations and fairytales we tell ourselves.  Let's dig in to yours and get clear on how they cause you to struggle

Week 3 - I would be resilient if... What does resilience, strength, true peace of mind at work and at home look like to you? How can we harness that to support you

Week 4: Breaking through to the next version of you.  We are going to bring together the why, the stories and what resilience looks like to rewrite the story of you.  To rewrite how you deal with your particular triggers and step fully in to owning that.

Are you ready to step forward and be the version of you that you're most proud to be?

Let's make the most of silly season and develop the support you truly need, want and deserve!



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