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I'm known for being an overthinker as much as an over-achiever. I've struggled with imposter syndrome and burnout and during a depression episode this summer found myself coming back to some of my most foundational habits.

You see our brains are messy, overrun places, full of conflicting information and random rabbit holes to fall down and that's when they're working for us.

When we're exhausted, overworked, distracted by other concerns or pulled in fifty different directions then it can become overwhelming.

Sitting down with a pen and paper and using small pockets of time, 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, to clear the noise and confuson, get clear on my next steps or just develop perspective is a touchstone for me.

I use my journalling practise to turn down the unnecessary noise, to get clarity, to gain perspective on a situation, to cheerlead myself into action and to remind myself, on a daily basis, of who I choose to be and the life I choose to live.

These are the moments that remind me why I bother showing up, what I want to achieve, and I get perspective over the big picture, which so often gets lost in the noise and urgency of every day life.

As part of September's back to school energy, I am leading a group through a new journalling course called Pen, Paper, Perspective. This course is a short bootcamp, 10 days long, aimed at helping you build a 5-10 minute a day practice to help you gain perspective over the every day dramas, clarity of where you want to be and the energy and focus to get you there.

it's time to stop being run ragged by the needs and demands of everyone around you and to start truly focusing on what is important, what is necessary, what is absolutely non-negotiable in your life.

This isn't about lengthy navel gazing or searching out your childhood traumas. This is about figuring out what you want and getting it, as quickly and simply as possible...
...and without getting mired down by the advice of other people who don't know what you want or need or what you're currently dealing with!

We start on Sunday 15th September, but join this weekend and receive:

Bonus training video: this is how I journal. 30 minutes previously only seen by private clients of mine where I walk you through step by step how I journal.

Bonus example: a copy of how I journal, referred to in the bonus video above

Bonus journalling questions sheet: 50 (yes, 50!) of my favourite journalling questons and prompts to get you thinking differently about the work you live and work

PLUS - top 5 bonus
The first 5 people to join Pen, Paper Perspective will receive a 1:1 laser mentoring session with Leah, valued at £50

Yes Leah, I want in!

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