Reconnect with your Career Masterclass


Your life is too short to spend wasting it in a job, a career, a life that you don’t love.

That's where this masterclass comes in!

Over the course of 60 minutes we are going to work through the steps I took when I was exhausted and overwhelmed as a lawyer, to reconnect with my career, with what was important and would motivate me.

Let me show you, over the course of 60 minutes how to:

• Get clear on what drew you to your career
• Where your current job or career hits your needs and wants (even if you think you hate it!)
• Discover the disconnect between what you ant and need and where you are
• Immediate steps you can take to start taking back the satisfaction, self-respect and pride in your work

This masterclass is all about getting you unstuck from your current worries, fears and overwhelm and in to action. No matter how exhausted you feel right now, once you reconnect with your career you will start seeing how many options and opportunities are available to you!

You will receive - 3 masterclass videos, together with follow up questions and prompts to keep your momentum flowing

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Reconnect with your Career Masterclass - initial video

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Reconnect with Career Masterclass - Video 2

2 Lessons

Reconnect with your Career Masterclass Follow up Questions

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