What-How-Why Journalling Bootcamp


Journalling is my go-to technique for just about everywhere.  But journaling has a bad reputation around here.

I know, you're thinking about that diary with the little plastic padlock that you had in junior school and wrote about that boy you wanted to kiss...

Look, get that out of your head.

Journalling is about using the power of a pen and paper to help you manage your emotions, get clarity, cheerlead yourself, set goals, run to do lists and so much more.

That's why I created this bootcamp - the What, the How and the Why.

This bootcamp sets out the fundamentals of journaling and will walk you through some of my favourite exercises. 

Developed through a combination of exercises, videos and more, this bootcamp is you 101 guide to managing the key skill at the core of my work.

Over the course of 2 weeks we will:

  • Create the daily routine
  • Create a 10 minute rock solid journalling practice
  • Explore how to take journalling deeper to uncover and rewrite patterns of sabotage and struggle
  • Structure journalling for your best effect
  • Delve in to some of my most powerful journalling questions and practices


  • Taking journalling OUTSIDE the notebook; how to create these practices no matter where you are or what you're doing
  • Feeling struggle and pushback? My 3 favourite methods to diving back in when I'm in sabotage


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WHW Journalling Bootcamp

14 Lessons

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