The Happiness Habit Bootcamp


Hey gorgeous

Can I share something with you?

You're not the only person who cries in the loos at work.  Or in the shower before work in the morning.  Or from sheer exhaustion and frustration after a long and tiring day.

Can I share something else with you?

It doesn't have to be this way

You deserve to be happy, light, carefree, ready for anything with a smile on your face.

You too can be that crazy woman who jumps in puddles for sheer joy and doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks of her - because you're too damn busy being happy!

When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself?  

I once worked with a coach you asked me about my hobbies, what I enjoyed doing when I wasn't at work.

I stared at her blankly.

'I sleep' was my honest to god answer.

That was all my life was - I got up, went to work, worked for 12+ hours, I came home, I slept.

At weekends I'd get super freaky - I'd take my lovely suits to the dry cleaners and I would RUN ERRANDS!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Tell me - does this sound more than vaguely familiar?

I mean, someone will ask you how everything is going and you'll say 'fine' and you mean 'fine'.  

You mean 'ok', 'bearable' 'boring'.

I was talking to a couple of my private 1:1 clients and we were each talking about the skill of resilience.  How resilience is a skill that can be learned and the biggest part of it is your expectation that the universe works in your favour, how there is beauty and miracles around you even in the shittiest day.

That's when we landed on the idea of a daily gratitude  practice to start developing that skill set.

And I could have settled on a simple 30 day gratitude challenge but there is SO MUCH MORE.

And so here we are, with a 30 day HappinessHabitBootcamp.

It is 30 days of solid transformational work, building skills, developing your ability to create happiness within yourself, to find the beauty in amongst the rainstorm.

It's about more than gratitude, more than simple happiness.

This is about learning to find the positives in every situation, in developing your own inner mental strength and work, in building positivity and balance and searching for the best in yourself.

That all starts with feeling happy.

Ready to join us?


I know you're busy, this course is brief and to the point, with daily actions to make happiness a habit (it wasn't just a catchy title

What's in the course?

Week 1 - starting on even ground

  • I will introduce you to my favourite training tool bar none.

  • Start setting your base line of happy using this world-renowned technique

  • Make space in even the busiest diary to dedicate to YOU

Week 2 - The 3 T' - tools, techniques and times.

  • You will have direct access in to my own daily practice - morning, noon and night - and learn who to implement without it overwhelming your diary;

  • The 30 second technique that changes everything - one daily practice you will never forget.

  • Learning to take a step back and to stop and smell the flowers

Week 3 - Rediscovering your personal sources of joy

  • Giving yourself permission to feel good again.

  • Rewriting fear in to happiness.

  • Keeping yourself accountable

Week 4  - Making that Happiness a Habit

  • Maintaining focus and speed.

  • Countering the crazy voices in your head (it's ok, we ALL have them!)

  • Re-establishing your priority levels

  • Making it to your perfect day.


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The Happiness Habit Bootcamp

28 Lessons

Bonus: Abundance exercise

1 Lessons

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